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I am dedicated to breeding a Vizsla of refinement and beauty, with a friendly temperament and one that is competitive in the show ring and field.  As a breeder I try to maintain the original Vizsla characteristics, in temperament, conformation and ability. I hold several strong beliefs as a Vizsla breeder. The first is that temperament and genetic health ought to be a breeder's foremost concerns. The best show dog, the best hunting dog, or the best obedience dog is useless if you cannot live with it.  I have maintained my line of Vizslas as healthy dogs with the characteristic breed temperament - outgoing, friendly, active and happy. Secondly, I believe that Vizsla breeders should try to breed for versatility. Our breed is meant to fill many roles, family pet, show dog, hunting companion and obedience dog. Neglecting any of these traits does a disservice to the breed.

For conformation I breed to the standard for size - bitches should be 21-22 inches, males 23-24. In the past few years I have heard many breeders comment that they prefer a much larger Vizsla, but I try to maintain the moderate size range. After all the Hungarians developed the Vizsla as a medium sized hunting dog and the smallest of the pointers - they were never meant to be as large as German Shorthaired Pointers or Weimaraners.

Raising the Pups

Several other characteristics distinguish me as a breeder.  I usually produce only one litter a year.  This allows me to give each litter plenty of care and attention, to produce the optimum family and performance dogs.  My puppies are raised in the kitchen, so they get lots of attention and socialization.  I perform the Bio-Sensor technique  on them from days 3-16 (developed for service dogs during WWII) .  This consists of exercises intended to stimulate their brains and bodies before their eyes have opened, and which are believed to optimize their adaptability and health as they mature.  I make sure the puppies have plenty of visitors, including children and potential puppy parents starting at 3 weeks of age to give them exposure to all the crazy sights and sounds of us humans.  They are exposed to all the normal household sounds, smells and activities as they grow. Once they are old enough, they get to visit the back yard.  I have a small wading pool in which the pups can play - they love to splash in the water and paddle around.  They also receive early socialization with other dog breeds, as I have an honorary V – a Manchester Terrier.  I provide plenty of stimulation and care for each litter. Because I observe the puppies so closely, I choose the pup best suited for the homes they are going to, taking the family's choice and all of the destined homes in consideration.  I keep notes on each puppy through the eight-nine weeks that they are with me and to aid in the selection.  I then take the family, environment and intended use into account in choosing a pup for that family.  I will not ship puppies to their new homes.  If they will need to fly, they must do so by accompanying a family member in the passenger cabin of the airplane.

 Paperwork & Requirements

I have a puppy contract which, of course, has a health and inherited problems guarantee.  (I have not had a serious inherited health problem with any pups.) Of course, I am careful to breed only to dogs that are genetically cleared for inherited problems including hip dysplasia.  I also require that pups be kept intact till the age of 2 years, as there have been several studies showing a link between early spay/neuter and the increased incidence of various cancers.  Pups must not receive their rabies vaccination at least till the age of 6 months, as there is a potential for them to develop lifelong allergies, in addition to more severe problems if this vaccine is administered to soon.

Each puppy that leaves my house does so with an official AKC registration form, a pedigree, micro-chipped, a packet of info for its new parents, and a toy with its mother’s scent, for comfort.  I require that each puppy leaving my house not be bred without at least one AKC title (preferably conformation), proper health screening, and my approval, to help maintain the genetic integrity of the breed.  I am happy to help new owners become more involved in the dog world - this might include showing, agility, obedience, etc., or eventually breeding.  I do want people to think carefully about the responsibilities involved in breeding their dogs, and the contract helps to ensure this.  I encourage new owners to keep in contact and will help in any way I can for the life of their dog.

I also ask each puppy owner to sign an agreement that should they ever need to find a new home for their pup, for any reason, the pup will be returned to me and I will find a new home for it.  I see puppy ownership as rather like adopting a child – a life-time commitment. I do my best to screen potential owners, and place puppies in appropriate homes, but in the event that it doesn't work out, then I, as the breeder, have a responsibility to ensure the pup's life is happy.

As you can see, I am a serious breeder. I believe in producing healthy happy puppies and I love the Vizsla breed. However, I must stress that I am not a 'professional' breeder, that is, my main source of income is not from the production of puppies. When done properly, the breeding of quality puppies is a labor of love, not a money-making venture.

I hope this has given you some information about me as a breeder.


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